Why Join Us?

Our employees are central to our success as a business, and the impact we have on our customers, partners and associates. Thus, we strive to ensure our employees are shaping their careers, achieves job satisfaction while still maintaining work life balance.

Here are the top five (5) reasons to consider Sing Fuels as your next employer.

  1. The People

    Sing Fuels is being led by forward-thinking management and surrounded by visionary multi-cultural people. This is a chance to work within a culture of camaraderie and grow your career the way you want. So, come for the big opportunities, and stay for the people. At Sing Fuels, you’ll love the company you keep.

  2. Unique DNA

    We recognize that a company culture represents the personality of a company. Hence, we’ve defined a DNA unique to Sing Fuels with a clear view of company vision, mission, value, ethics and expectations.

    Part of our DNA is to trust each other and support each other to unlock our true potential. The healthy, high-performance culture at Sing Fuels ensures better execution of our strategies, greater operational efficiency and more satisfied customers and peers.

  3. Incentive Scheme

    Join us as a trader and get to know one of the most attractive incentive scheme available in the market. As a support team to the traders, AWS and progressive yearly increment will be part of the remuneration package.

  4. Employee Welfare and Benefits

    Sing Fuels is aware that employee welfare is the way to get and stay ahead of our competitors. In addition, we have discovered the correlation between amazing perks including flexible work schedule and higher retention rate, improved productivity and morale.

    We also believe in investing on your learning and development is an investment in our people.

  5. Giving Back to the Community

    We like to be social and we believe in social good. This is why we encourage practices that protects the environment, support local communities and have a positive impact on society. Moreover, we integrate corporate responsibility into our core business strategy.

    Most importantly, we pitch in to help our own when they or their families are going through hard times.

  6. Come be a part of our dynamic organisation, as we become the choice of being a global bunker partner.

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